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  • Where can I buy Dutidú products?
    For now only here in the virtual store on our website. Later you will see us everywhere! Stay tuned!
  • I am a Latinx illustrator and I want to work with Dutidú. How do I contact you?
    Write us at We want to meet you!
  • Send to everyone?
    Yes. Keep in mind that shipping costs may change depending on where you are.
  • If the product I bought from Dutidú arrived broken, what do I do?
    Our packaging was designed to withstand possible shocks during shipping. But if for any reason you are not satisfied with the condition in which the purchased product arrived, contact us at and we will do everything possible to make you happy with Dutidú. We will evaluate case by case.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We strongly believe in the products we have produced to date. We made them through many months of love, effort and methodical analysis by our designers and manufacturers. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns at this time. All sales are final.
  • I want to buy in large quantities, what do I do?
    Write us at We want to meet you!
  • I have a toy store and I want to sell Dutidú's products.
    Write us at We want to hear from you!
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